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Hi, I’m Sierra Campbell.

Over the past 20 years, I've worked with elders suffering loss of independence through health crises such as illness, a fall, pneumonia, and surgeries. I spent over ten years owning and operating a home care agency. I’ve supported more than 100 (mostly elders) people through death and dying.

Dozens of families came to me each year in a state of high anxiety and stress. These families had rarely or never spoken about their loved one dying before finding themselves in a healthcare or housing crisis. When I asked about previous discussions, they responded with details on funeral plots and arguments over who gets what. I hand-held these families through many of the conversations you will find in the resource, Five Conversations.  

The other offerings on the site are very specific. You will find a Hospice Course as well as a program for those Dealing with Death & a Terminal Diagnosis. There will be many more offerings to come. If for any reason you are unable to afford an offering, connect and let us know.

These resources have been created to equip you through times of need and prevent unnecessary stress. Thank you for trusting me to support you and your loved ones.