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A Hospice Support Program

for those preparing to care for a loved one
or wish to volunteer in your community

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Hospice is a journey worthy of preparation. 


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This program brings you practical wisdom to guide you through your unique hospice journey.  An ideal resource to help you serve a loved one or to prepare you  to work or volunteer in your community.

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Module 1: Understanding the Facts About Hospice 

Learn everything helpful to know about hospice care: what it is, how people apply, who is eligible, team structure, and so much more

Module 2: Empathy & Compassion

Being with the dying

Module 3:  The Meaning of Death & the Pursuit of a Full Life

Death awareness practice

Module 4: Bereavement & Grief

Supporting oneself and others through the unique and personal journey of loss and grief

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Module 5: Compassion in Action 

Integrating these teachings into your life.
Exploring next steps on your hospice journey

Everything you need can be found inside:

Your Hospice Support

Only $39

Gain instant access to the following:

  • Detailed and comprehensive tutorial modules with thoughtful support.  Each of the 5 module includes insightful videos for deeper learning.
  • A downloadable workbook with carefully crafted exercises to guide you on your journey.
  • Reflective practices, guided meditation, and live Q&A with Sierra responding directly inside of the course comments
  • Guidance on how to best show up for yourself and your own loved ones at the end of their life.
  • Preparation to volunteer or work in hospice in your community.
  • Integrative, holistic approaches to extending the quality of life.
  • And so much more!
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There is much we can do to support others to live and die well with life-limiting illness by understanding the causes of suffering, engaging in effective communications, and learning how to show up for others through death, dying and the grief that follows.


Will this course address loss and how to be available to others while they’re grieving?
Yes, there is an entire module on bereavement and grief. You will find examples of what to say and not say, and how to show up for others when it is hard to understand what they’re experiencing in their journey coping with loss.

Will this course address funerals and what to do after death?
No, this course is all about death, dying, and hospice care. Funerals are currently not part of hospice care.

I am the primary caregiver for my mother who is 75 and I dread hospice with her. I already fear it. Will this course help me to find less dread in this?
Yes, this course will inform you with self-care so that you are well cared for as you embark on your hospice journey with your mother. Also, you can respond in the comments within the class and ask Sierra for help finding a hospice organization in your community. She will respond and support you to prepare and reach out to hospice organizations in your community.  

I am curious about the death and dying process and how to be supportive with my friends and their families, but don’t have anyone specific to care for-- Will this class be helpful for me to understand death and dying?

Hospice care takes place over the last year to the final few weeks and days of someone’s life. There is a lot to learn about death and dying in this course, as it relates to hospice. Check out the topics of the 5 modules and see if they interest you.

Will I be certified to volunteer in hospice after this course?
Hospice organizations will require you to meet in person, conduct an interview, and undergo their specific training. Each state has unique regulations and guidelines for hospice programs. This course will resource and help prepare you should you decide to professionally work or volunteer in hospice, but will not certify you.

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